Hitachi All in One PC Touch Screen

Hitachi All in One PC Touch Screen


Hitachi All in One PC Touch Screen

Rs: 8800/-

Product No: 73

Hitachi All in One Computers


Based from Japan. All are Intel Genuine With 6 Months Warranty.

Conditions: New Box Pack, In twenty Different Colors( just little used in Japan environment)

These are power saver and Space saver, you can run Computers on UPS and Generators
Electricity Consumption is three time less than other Computers.
Lcd is high Definition with extra Ordinary Results.

Standard Combination which is Commonly used in Schools And Colleges

Processor 3GHz Intel


Hard disk 40Gb

DVD Drive

Lcd 15''

Built in speakers

Ad ons Diffrences

RAM:      1GB   to   2GB   = 900

HDD:      40GB    to   80GB  = 600

CD Rom    to   SUPER Drive   =  800

15" LCD    to   17" LCD   =  1600

20 Color Available   = 300

Tuch Screen =  4500

Kay Board + Mouse + Power Cable   =  500


3.2GHz, 3.4GHz, Dual Core & Core 2 Due

Now Available in Touch Screen PC

if you have already All in one PC you can change in Touch Screen


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