Turnstile SEWO-S1-250

Turnstile SEWO-S1-250


Turnstile SEWO-S1-250

Product No: 322

High-End Pedestrian Tripod Turnstile

This item is our 2017 new item, with nice appearance and brushless motor, it is with patent design, suitable for high-end requirements application, mainly used for the commercial office building, Library, residential, Construction Sites, Industrial Plants, Marquee Golf Tournaments, State Fairs, Special Sporting Events, and Festivals!

What is more, it is 304 or 316 stainless steel, semi-automatic and fully automatic for optional


Key Specifications/Special Features




High-End Pedestrian Tripod Turnstile

Body Material

304/316 stainless steel material

Working Voltage

AC220V±10V, 50HZ  or AC110V/60Hz

Control type

IC/ID/Barcode control etc....

Rated Power


Working mode

one-directional or bi-directional

Working temperature  


Operating humidity

≤90% non-condensing

Operation life

≥5 million times

Passing speed

40-50 person/min

Open style


Relative humility

≤95%, no-condensation

Operating places

Government agency, Residential area, School, etc              


Features and advantages:

1. Elegant Design with nickel plating and rust-proof

2. 24 V DC brush-less motor+Encoder+Clutch brake provides a higher level safety

3. Uni-/Bi-direction passing 

4. Higher speed. 0.4 second open/close speed 

5. 5,000,000 cycles of MCBF.


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