COMPANY PROFILE / Introduction

The Xpert Service is a team of bright enthusiast professionals who emerged in 2007 with a dream to take The Xperts among the top; in providing IT Managed, Networking, security system, integration, Power Solutions in Pakistan. In a span of only four years, we have been able to successfully convert our dream into realism. Thus leaving our competition far behind and that is the result of our zeal for success and an unmatched commitment to our customers.

We do understand customer’s requirements very well and our team of experts is skilled enough to transform those requirements into innovative solutions. Our team is professionally trained and operational with latest techniques, tools and technologies to assist you in your business critical requirements.

Our Mission

Our aim is to position The Xpert Services as a top system integrator & enable it to differentiate among the competition, and we strongly associate it to the best possible solutions with unmatched modernization & services to our clients to enable them meet their business goals more effectively.


Interact with you to a level of comfort where you share your problems with us as a friend, we are addicted to buying the worries of our clients


Why The Xpert Services

The Xpert Service provide End-to-end Technology solution which is IT Managed, Networking, CCTV security, Power Solution Consulting & services that aim to provide the

Customer with an unbeatable combination of technology, process and people that deliver services that are aligned with the costumers all Security & IT objectives. Here is the list of services/products we offer

The Xpert Services is resolutely committed to endowing its clients with the finest, in the world of Security, IT & integration, and

Strongly believes that its business customers are an integral part of this ethical set-up.

The Xpert Services understands what is needed to deliver business value using IT & Integration,


Our Features

  • We are Distributor / Wholesaler 
  • Offers end- to end solutions (which covers)
  • Free online help desk Portal
  • Free online Billing System
  • Free online Customer Record keeping
  • Free YouTube Training & Tutorials

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts.)

Consulting and Services In,

  • Networking Solutions
  • IT Managed
  • Hardware & Networking Infrastructure
  • Licensed software,
  • Applications, Systems
  • CCTV security,
  • Power Solution (UPS Solar)  
  • Optimization, Maintenance




The Xpert Services

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